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A list of all links under the Recycling Section, including External Links for official websites about recycling in the City of St. Louis.

External Links

Books About Recycling
Environmental books available to loan out to teachers, parents and guardians. Books are available at any time and fit age groups from young children to young adults.

Conduct a Waste Audit
A waste audit is the process of collecting, sorting and measuring waste generated from your household, workplace or classroom.  It can help you develop a waste management plan specific to your needs.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Recycling in the City of St. Louis
Household hazardous waste disposal options for St. Louis City residents

Plastic Bag Recycling
Why plastic bags are not accepted through the City’s recycling program and where to recycle plastic bags.

Recycle at Home
Recycling is easy, learn how in five easy steps.

Recycle at School
Recycling resources for schools, teachers, students and educators on the City's recycling education programs, how to get classroom recycling bins, how to start rescycling at your school, the Lending Library (environmental educational books) and additional resources.

Recycle at Work
Recyling resources for City Employees, how to start recycling at work, recycling for businesses, nonprofits and institutions, buying recycled products and additional resources for recycling in the workplace.

Recycle Beyond Your Blue Bin database of location to recycle automotives, batteries, construction, electronics, garden, glass, hazardous, household, metal, paint, paper, and plastic items.

Recycling for City Employees
City Employees can request recycling bins, information and presentations. Find the City's contracts for recycling and tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle in the workplace.

Recycling in the City of St. Louis
What to recycle, the City of St. Louis' recycling program.

What Goes Into Your Blue Bin and What Doesn't is the City of St. Louis' go-to resource for information about recycling.

Where to Buy Recycled Goods
A searchable database of where to buy goods made from recycled materials.

Recycling Section Sitemap

2016 America Recycles Day | Flyer
2016 America Recycles Day Flyer

2016 America Recycles Day Document
2016 America Recycles Day Flyer

2016 America Recycles Day Flyer
Join us for America Recycles Day on Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

Automotive Battery Recycling
The Refuse Department accepts automotive batteries for recycling from City residents only.

Charities that Pick Up Donations
A list of organizations that accept and pick up donations of useful items.

Commercial Recycling Hauling and Processing
A list of businesses that haul and process standard recyclables (e.g., bottles, cans, paper, cardboard).

Drop-off Recycling Locations
A list of drop-off recycling options in the City of St. Louis. Includes Fire Station and Street Receptacle drop-off locations.

Hazardous Household Waste and Electronics Disposal
Reducing, reusing, recycling, and disposal options for household hazardous waste and electronics.

Recycling Documents
List of Recycling Documents

Recycling Program
Find City recycling services, drop-off locations, submit requests for recycling service and file complaints. Follow links for to learn what goes in your blue recycling bin and beyond.

Recycling Program Requests and Report Problems
Request information and services, or report problems related to the City of St. Louis recycling program.

Recycling Services
The City of St. Louis has a city-wide residential single-stream recycling service. The service utilizes blue dumpsters and rollcarts to collect recyclable materials from alleys and curbs.

Single Stream Recycling for Residents
Learn more about the City of St. Louis' single-stream recycling pick-up service, how it works, schedules and more resources.

Ultimate Waste Disposal Guide
Small steps. Big impact. The Ultimate Waste Disposal Guide for St. Louis City residents.

Ultimate Waste Disposal Guide Document
Ultimate Waste Disposal Guide for St. Louis City residents.

Waste Composition Study
Executive Summary for the 2006-2007 Missouri Municipal Solid Waste Composition Study and Results of the Missouri Waste Composition Study for the City of St. Louis' South Transfer Station (Archived Resource).

What To Recycle
What To Recycle

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