Tent Permits Policy

Information pertaining to the amended Tent Permits Policy

Tent Permits Policy

In order to resolve the discrepancy regarding tent permits, per the provisions of Section 104.1.1 Rule Making Authority of Ordinance 66790 as amended, effective immediately the following section of Table 108.31 and Section 3103 shall read as follows:

Table 108.3.1


Item Fee




Remarks &


TENT PERMIT $35.00   108.2.6 See Note a .

Note a.  Tents smaller than 1,000 square feet, or for private family events on the same lot with the residence are exempt from obtaining a permit, but shall still meet the following conditions.  All tents regardless of size, that effect or are part of the means of egress from any building, shall not be erected, operated or maintained prior to obtaining a permit.  Tent permit(s) and the erection and maintenance of tents for the same lot shall not exceed a total maximum of 180 days in any 365 day period unless a waiver is granted by the code official.  A site plan shall be submitted at the same time of permit application indicating the location of the tent(s) in relation to the building(s) if applicable.  The plan shall show the means of egress and the occupant load.  Tents for 49 persons or less must have one exit to the exterior.  Tents for 50 to 499 persons must have two remote exits to the exterior.  Tents for 500 to 999 persons must have three remote exits to the exterior.  Exit and emergency lighting shall be required.  Tents must stay four feet minimum from interior lot lines.  Tents must be supported to withstand a wind speed of 90 miles per hour (MPH), Exposure B.  The use of propane tanks or equipment in the tent requires a separate permit and inspection by the Fire Marshal.

A picnic/carnival operated 2-1/2 days or less by a not-for-profit organization, and operated on private ground owned by and adjacent to said organization's facilities, requires no tent permit(s) (except Electrical permits shall be required).  If not on ground owned by or adjacent to said organization's facilities, picnic or carnival shall require an Occupancy Permit with inspections by Building and Electrical Sections.  See Occupancy Permit Fees above.  Further, Zoning approval must be secured before issuance of said Occupancy Permit.  Picnics/carnivals operated for any length of time by a for-profit organization on private property must secure an Occupancy Permit and approval from the Zoning Section.  BPS permits are required for all picnics/carnivals on City-owned property or any public right-of-way in addition to the above requirements.

This policy will be incorporated in the next adopted City Building Code.

Revised:  September 12, 2007

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