Liquor License Laws and Moratoriums

Find liquor license laws, Wards with moratoriums and Sunday Sales Exceptions.

Liquor Laws

Ordinance 68536 governs liquor laws for the City of St. Louis.

Wards with Moratoriums

Legislation by Ward that places restrictions on new liquor licenses.

Wards with Moratoriums and Related Ordinances
Ward Ordinance Approved Date Expiration Date  Notes
1st 69703 03/26/14 03/26/17  
4th70087 09/21/15 09/21/18  
 7th69102  03/09/12IndefiniteNo New 3am Closing Permits
 9th66227  03/30/04Indefinite No New 3am Closing Permits
 9th66271  03/30/04Indefinite No New 3am Closing Permits
10th 70164 12/16/15 12/16/18  
 14th66227  03/30/04Indefinite No New 3am Closing Permits
 14th66271 03/30/04Indefinite No New 3am Closing Permits 
 14th70089 10/02/1510/02/18  



02/10/15 02/10/18  




 19th 69589 11/01/13 11/01/16  
 20th66227  03/30/04Indefinite No New 3am Closing Permits
 20th66271  03/30/04Indefinite No New 3am Closing Permits 




 24th69930 02/10/15 02/10/18 
 24th69401 02/14/13 02/14/16 No New 3am for 3 Years
 24th69930 02/10/15 02/10/18 No Package Licenses 
26th 70167 12/22/1512/22/18 
27th6986411/18/1411/18/17  No Package Licenses (Drink Only if a Restaurant Establishment)
28th7002606/29/1506/29/18No New 3am for 3 Years


Sunday Liquor License Sales Exceptions

Only establishments with Sunday Liquor Licenses are able to sell liquor on Sunday. 
[See Ordinance 68535 Section 14.03.040 (A) - Hours of operation—Sunday—Intoxicating liquor] 

However there a few days during the year when establishment without Sunday Liquor Licenses may sell liquor on Sunday. 

Those days are:
  • January 1st
  • March 17th
  • July 4th
  • December 31st
  • Sunday prior to Memorial Day 
  • Sunday prior to Labor Day 
  • Superbowl Sunday

On these days, intoxicating liquor by the drink may be sold under the provision of the license on that Sunday from the time and until the time which would be lawful on another day of the week.

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