Long-term Disability Insurance

The City of St. Louis offers Long-term Disability Insurance to eligible employees through The Hartford.


The Hartford Long-term Disability Insurance

The Long-term Disability (LTD) insurance policy provides you with long term income protection if you become disabled from a covered injury, sickness, or pregnancy.  On or off the job, anyone can become disabled and that can mean months without a paycheck. But if you have LTD, you can have:

• A percentage of your income each month, depending on how much  protection you have.

• Professional help for disability-related challenges from legal specialists, and  financial and therapeutic counselors.

• Affordable group rates through your employer with convenient payroll deduction.

Need to Make a Change?

The City provides Basic Coverage to employees at no cost. Employees can choose to enroll or cancel Buy-up LTD Insurance at any time. In order to make a change, please complete a consolidated enrollment form and submit the form to your payroll specialist.

City of St. Louis Employee LTD Insurance Buy-up

The City provides Basic Coverage at no cost to the employee that pays you a benefit of 50% of employee base earnings to a maximum monthly benefit of $2,000 per month.

In addition the employee may purchase LTD Buy-Up to increase the monthly benefit to 60% of the employee earnings to a maximum benefit of $5,000 per month. 

There is a 90 day elimination period before a claim will be processed.

Calculation: Annual Salary/12*0.175/100. Example on $25,000 annual salary. 25,000/12*0.175/100 = 3.645 = $3.65 bi-weekly premium.


All Full-time Active Employees who are citizens or legal residents of the United States, its territories and protectorates, excluding civilian or uniformed employees of the St. Louis Police Division, part-time, temporary or seasonal employees. Employees must work at least 30 hours weekly to qualify.

Coverage is effective on the first pay period following 30 days of employment.

Carrier Information

In the event you have questions or complaints regarding any aspect of your coverage, you should contact your employee benefits manager or you may write The Hartford at:

The Hartford
Group Benefits Division, Customer Service
P.O. Box 2999
Hartford, CT 06104-2999

Or call The Hartford at: 1-800-523-2233

When calling, please provide the following information:
1) the policy number: GLT - 402609
2) the name of the policyholder (employee or organization), as shown on your certificate of insurance.

Or you may contact The Hartford sales office:

Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company
Group Sales Department
1401 Brentwood Boulevard
Magna Place, Suite 375
St Louis, mo 63144
TOLL FREE: 800-332-7480
FAX: 314-962-5506


Long-term Disability Insurance Application
Long-term disability insurance application. Please submit the application via Fax to (314) 589-8110 or e-mail at benefitssection@stlouis-mo.gov. Also please remember to remove Social Security Numbers, or to only include the last four digits.

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