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How much do I owe?

There are a number of ways to check on balances due on your cases.  First, when you receive a receipt for a payment the remaining balance will be listed.  Second, if you are making payments through a Payit account you can access balance information through your account.

Third, if you have your name and date of birth or case number you can check on your case status through

When is my court date?

When you receive a receipt for a payment the court date for your next payment will be set out on the receipt. If your case(s) are in payment status  and you have a Payit account you can check your court date through your Payit account. If you have your case number(s) you can check your court dates through

When and how can I make a payment, what is the minimum payment and will a payment continue my case?

You can make a payment by coming to the customer service window at the courthouse or electronically by using Payit.  You can also mail a payment in.

You can drop your payment off in the drop-box in front of the building. If you make a payment in person, in the drop-box  or by mail it must be a cashier’s check or money order, we do not accept checks at all, or cash by mail or in the drop-box.

The minimum payment is $50.00. Payment arrangements can be made with the court at the time your cases are assessed.

Payments are due 12:30 pm the day before court, otherwise a personal appearance in court will be required to make a payment.

What are your hours?

Our hours for customer service and the cashiers are 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, although we recommend you arrive no later than 4:45 PM.

Do I have other cases?

You can check for all cases pending in St Louis Municipal Court through You may also use to search for St. Louis Municipal Court cases and cases you may have pending in other local municipal courts.  For state court information consult with Casenet (Missouri).  

You can call the court at (314) 622-3231 or stop by customer service at 1520 Market, 63103.

How do I get a compliance letter?

If there is a hold on your drivers license for missing a court date you will automatically get a compliance letter when you close your case.  If you need a hardship compliance letter you should go to court and discuss your situation with your judge. Under limited circumstances the judge may authorize a hardship compliance (license hold set aside).

Can I reschedule my case(s) over the telephone?

Continuance by phone are not allowed, an exception to this rule is currently in place as a result of the COVID-19.   If you have not had a hardship continuance you may personally appear at customer service and ask for a hardship continuance.  You must present a government issued picture ID at that time. All other continuances must be granted by the judge and require a court appearance.


How do I file proof of insurance and other documents?

The clerks at the customer service window will accept documents for filing in your case.  However, just because a document is filed does not mean your judge will necessarily see it.  Usually, the best course of action is to attend all scheduled court appearances and discuss these matters with your judge.

I have moved out of state, now what?

The proper procedure to follow when you have relocated out of the state is request that your cases be placed on an out of town docket

I missed my court date now what?

If you have missed a court date for the first time the Court will reset your case to another docket and send you a summons (reset) letter advising of the new date.

This is one reason why the court should always have a current address for you. If you have missed another date and there is a first time warrant issued, on most cases you come to the customer service window and get a hardship set aside and a new date.  

For all other warrants you will need to post a cash bond as set by the judge when the warrant was issued. For most cases this will be a maximum of $200.00 for four or more cases. The amount may be different for more serious charges or if the judge has set a higher specific bond amount. 

Does the Municipal Court handle parking tickets?


No. The Municipal Court does not have any jurisdiction or authority over parking tickets. The Municipal Court and the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) cannot accept payments or make any rulings on parking ticket issues. Parking tickets are within the exclusive authority of the office of the Treasurer of the City of St. Louis.

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