Virtual Court Payment Instructions

This page provides instructions about how to pay if you were assessed a fine in a virtual court session. It provides on online payment option as well as other methods of payment.

The City Municipal Court provides several ways to make payments.  Municipal Court tickets can be paid online without a trip to the courthouse using the PayIt service, by mailing a cashier’s check or money order to the Court, dropping off a cashiers’ check or money order in the Court’s secure lock box, or by telephone. The Court strongly encourages the use of online payment through 

Mail-In Payments

Mail in payments should be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order and mailed to the Court at:

St Louis Municipal Court
1520 Market Street Suite 1120
St Louis, MO 63103

For mail-in payments to be properly credited to your case(s) you should include your case number(s).  Including your name and date of birth is also helpful to our clerks when processing a payment.  If you do not know your case number(s) please call the court at (314) 622-3231.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH!

Outside Drop Box Available

The Court also has a red drop box outside of the 16th Street entrance to 1520 Market for payments and other information to be delivered. It is available even when the court building is not open.  The same information must be included as for a mail in payment. DO NOT USE CASH FOR A DROP BOX PAYMENT. 

Online Payments

Online payments may be made through the PayIt St Louis Portal  There is a small convenience fee for online payments.  The Portal will require you to create an account or login as a guest.  Be prepared to have the following ready:

  • Case numbers(s) or Ticket Number(s)
  • Full name and date of Birth
  • Personal Address to register with PayIt online
  • Major Bank Credit or debit card. The Court does not accept gift cards or AMEX. 

Telephone payments

The Court will accept payment by Major Bank credit or debit card at (314) 657-1904 or (314) 657-1905.The Court does not accept gift cards or AMEX. Be prepared to have the following ready:

  • Case numbers(s) or Ticket Number(s) and/or
  • Full name and date of Birth

Partial Payments ($50.00 minimum)

If a fine has been assessed in your case(s), and you are unable to pay the fine and court costs in full before your next payment date, the Court will accept a minimum partial payment of fifty dollars ($50.00) without a court appearance prior to the scheduled payment date. Larger payments are always accepted.  After you make the minimum partial payment of $50.00 or more on your case(s), you will be given a new date for a future payment docket to allow for a subsequent minimum partial payment or payment in full.

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