Quick Guide for Attending Your WebEx Virtual Court Session

Learn out to attend your virtual court session using the WebEx meeting app with your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone, and how to attend with your phone, even without Internet access.

Virtual court sessions using WebEx are required for your safety, the safety of others and the safety of our staff, as well as to prevent further community spread of Covid-19.

If you have a smartphone (I-Phone or android), desktop computer, laptop or tablet computer, you should attend your virtual court session using your device and the WebEx meeting application.

How to use your device to join your virtual court session

In the web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, search for and navigate to http://bit.ly/31jf0zu.  The “0” is a numerical zero.  On I-Phones, the browser is Safari. On android phones, it will normally be Google Chrome or Firefox. Or you may click on this "Join a Meeting" link on this page. 

The http://bit.ly/31jf0zu link will take you to a WebEx page entitled “Join a Meeting” with a field to “Enter the Meeting Information.” Enter the Meeting Room number for your assigned virtual courtroom as listed below in that box and press “Enter”, or press the “Return” button at the bottom of your screen on a smartphone. It is easier to enter the meeting number than to enter the link on your smartphone.  If you have already installed the WebEx Meeting app on your device, you will be taken into the court session.

If you have not already installed WebEx, the next page will ask you if you wish to join the session by phone or to “Join by Installed App”.  The Court strongly prefers that you choose “Join by Installed App.” If you choose “Join by Installed App,” follow the prompts to install the app. You may be prompted to enter your name and an e-mail address. After installation, you will be taken into the court session. To prevent audio feedback, keep your device muted until the judge asks for you to speak. The mute button is a microphone icon at the bottom of your screen, and is red when your device is muted.

You may also attend by phone even if you don’t have Internet access on your phone

Call either 1-408-418-9388 or 1-312-535-8110. The voice message will instruct you to enter an access code or meeting number. Enter the meeting room number for your assigned courtroom and press # (pound). If the voice message then asks for an attendee number just press # again. You will enter the session with audio only. [This may be a toll call depending on your long distance plan.]

Courtroom 1


Meeting room: 146 361 8870

Courtroom 2


Meeting room:  968 797 069

Courtroom 3
Meeting room: 146 967 4742

Courtroom 4


Meeting room: 146 235 6924

If you have questions, or if you cannot join your virtual session in any of the ways described above because you don't have an appropriate device or phone, call us at (314) 633-3231 to request alternate arrangements.

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