Business License Information

Describes procedure for obtaining a business license with the City of St. Louis, exemptions or special requirements.


Any person who engages in any business, occupation, pursuit, profession, calling, a vocation, or trade within the City Limits of St. Louis is required to have a business license. The requirements to obtain a license change depending on the type of business.

You may be required to obtain more than one business license:

  • A separate license is required for each location of your business in the city.
  • A separate license is required for each trade name under which you operate.
  • A separate license is also required for each occupation or business at the same address.
  • Licenses are not transferable.
  • A new license must be obtained when owners, locations, or trade names change.

Graduated Business Licenses

All Businesses require a Graduated Business License (GBL)

Certain specific types of businesses may have additional requirements imposed by city ordinance. Check to see if your business is listed below:

(GBL) Businesses Having Additional Requirements

Alarm Installation, and/or Monitoring Service Business
Auctioneer Business
Automobile Sales Business
Bail Bondsmen Business
Cable TV/Satellite Installation Business
Catering Business
Cigarette Wholesale Business
Construction - Contracting Business
Dance Hall Business
Day Care Business
Demolition Contractor Business
Fast Food Business
Grocery Store Business
Haulers Business
Hotel / Motel Business
Jewelry Retail and Repair Business
Liquor Retail Wholesale or Manufacturer Business
Manufacturer Business
Massage Therapy Business
Parking Lot / Garage Business
Pawn Shop / Pawn Broker Business
Private Investigator / Detective Agency Business
Restaurant Business
Secondhand Dealers / Resale Business
Security and Watchmen Services Business
Sports and Entertainment Events Business
Tow Trucks / Wrecker Service Business
Vending, Amusement, and Service Machine Business
Vendor - Itinerant Business
Vendor - Sidewalk Business
Vendor - Vehicle Business

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