Organization Contact Element

How to fill out your organization's contact element.


This tutorial assumes you already know the following:

  1. Logging in to CommonSpot
  2. Creating a New Page
  3. Editing Content


Organization Contact elements are used to store and display department and organization contact information.

These elements can be re-used in many places, including the site directory.


Full Organization Contact render handler:

Full organization render handler

Step 1: Tag Your Department Homepage

  1. Set the Content Type to Group Home Page.
  2. Set the Layout (under the Page Display Tab) to Department Home Page.

Step 2: Fill Out the Organization Element

  1. Click on the 'Click here to fill out the Organization element' link.
    Organization element - define

  2. Name: Press 'Browse Taxonomy' and select your organization.
  3. Phone: Organization's main phone number like 3146223400 (no spaces, dashes, etc).
  4. Toll-Free Phone: Organization's toll-free phone number.
  5. TTY Phone: Organizations TeleTypeWriter number.
  6. Other Phone: If there is another phone number you would like to display, enter it here.
  7. Other Phone Label: If you have entered a number in the 'Other Phone' field, label the number here.
  8. Fax: Organization's main fax number.
  9. Contact Email: Organization's main contact email.
  10. Address 1: Organization's street & number.
  11. Address 2: Apartment, floor, suite, building number, etc.
  12. Contact City: City organization is in.
  13. Contact State: State organization is in.
  14. Contact Zip: Organization's zip code.
  15. Directions: If your organization might be hard to find, put some tips here.
  16. Hours of Operation: When are you open?
  17. External URL: If this organization has an external website, enter the full URL here (including http://)
  18. Facebook URL: Full URL to their Facebook profile.
  19. Twitter URL: Full URL to their Twitter page.
  20. LinkedIn URL: Full URL to their LinkedIn profile.
  21. Nixle URL: Full URL to their Nixle profile.
  22. Logo: You can upload the organization's logo here. It should probably be no larger than 150px wide.
  23. Click Finish.

Step 3: Submit the Organization Element

  1. Check your content for accuracy.
  2. Submit the element.

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