Contract Administration

Processes and tracks City of St. Louis contracts with outside vendors.

The Contract Administration section is responsible for processing and tracking city contracts with city vendors. This section reviews contracts to ensure compliance with applicable laws and policies, such as tax and license compliance, proper departmental approval, ordinance authority, insurance required, and amount encumbered.

Location & Contact
Comptroller's Office
Contract Administration Unit
1200 Market St.
City Hall, Room 212
Saint Louis, MO 63103
(314) 589-6146
(314) 622-4026 (fax)

Policies and Procedures

Each department entering into a contract or agreement valued at more than $500 must adhere to the following policies and procedures:

Each contract or agreement must be accompanied by a contract/agreement batch transmittal ticket specifying the department number, batch number, vendor name, contract amount and contract type. The contract package will be forwarded to room 212 for processing by either the City Counselor's office or delivery. 

Each contract or agreement must also be accompanied by a cover letter addressed to the Comptroller and printed on your letterhead including the following information:

  1. Tax and license clearance (for service contracts only; clearances must be dated no more than 30 working days prior to execution, pursuant to Ordinance 65708)
  2. City Counselor's approval as to form
  3. All other necessary signatures, except signatures of the Comptroller and Register
  4. A request for Board of Estimate and Apportionment (E&A) approval, if required. If the contract must go before E&A, then it should first be sent to the Secretary to the Board of Estimate and Apportionment (City Hall, Room 414) or to the Secretary for the Director of Operations (City Hall, Room 200) 
  5. Vendor name, address (P.O. box numbers are not acceptable), Federal I.D. No. and phone number
  6. Description and duration of the contract
  7. Maximum amount of the contract
  8. Amount to be encumbered for the current fiscal year
  9. Fund/Account/Center numbers where the encumbrance will be charged
  10. Percent MBE/WBE/DBE participation with actual amounts and participants listed
  11. Ordinance authority
  12. Insurance required - verified by (name) (all verification copies must be attached.)
  13. Bonding required - verified by (name) (all verification copies must be attached.)
  14. Specify if the company is a corporation, partnership, or individual or proprietorship

Finally, there must be one original and at least three (3) copies of the contract provided to the Comptroller's Office. If any item is omitted or not addressed, the contract will be rejected.

Questions concerning the referenced contract policies and procedures may be directed to the Contract Compliance Officer at (314) 589-6146.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I send contracts and agreements so they get to the Contract Administration Unit?
If all signatures including the City Counselor's has been obtained, you should bring contracts and agreements to Room 212 at City Hall. Most contracts are forwarded by the City Counselor, CDA or Federal Grants. 

Where do I get the ordinance authority for my contract or agreement?
You can find the ordinance authority in the current budget ordinance (Board Bill 1) or from the Board of Estimate and Apportionment proceedings.

Whom should I contact to determine if Board of Estimate and Apportionment approval is needed for my contract?
You may contact Deputy Comptroller Beverly Fitzsimmons, Director of Operations Todd Waeltermann, or Deputy City Counselor Michael Garvin.

What is MBE, WBE and DBE participation?
Participation by a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE), woman-owned business enterprise (WBE) or a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE).

What is the Mayor's Executive Order pertaining to contracts?
This executive order establishes a goal of at least 25 percent MBE and 5 percent WBE participation in contracts and purchases when city funds are expended. A current copy of this executive order can be obtained by calling the Mayor's Office (314) 622-3201 or the Register (314) 622-4145.

How do I find the purchase order number assigned to my contract or agreement so I can reference it on my payment voucher?
The purchase order number is a ten digit number and is usually your three digit department number plus the current fiscal year and the Comptroller's document number found on your fully executed contract or agreement. EXAMPLE: (dept. #) 160 (fiscal year) 04 (Doc. #) 12345 = P.O. # 1600412345

How do I amend a contract or agreement?
Amendments or change orders are processed in the same manner as the original contract or agreement. The exception is you must also provide the Comptroller's document number for the contract or agreement being amended.

Where do I get the tax verification form and contract batch ticket?
Download from this web site.

Do contracts and agreements need a tax verification form if the contractor is tax exempt?
Yes. The tax verification form is required for all contracts and agreements. The Collector of Revenue and the License Collector review all tax verification forms and give the final say on tax exempt status.

Why do I have to submit one original and three copies of the contract, agreement or amendment?
One copy is for the Comptroller's Office, one copy is for the Register and the original and last copy is returned to the originating department.

What is the date of execution?
The date of execution is the date the Comptroller signs the contract or agreement.

Which contracts and agreements must go to the Federal Grants Section for approval prior to being sent to the Contract Administration Unit?
All contracts and agreements that are funded from a grant or funded from a 1130, 1140, and 1160 fund series must go to the Federal Grants Section for approval. An exception to this is fund number(s) 1164 and 1165, which should be sent to CDA.

What happens to the contract or agreement after it is signed by the Comptroller?
The contracts and agreements are assigned a Comptroller's document number and forwarded to the Register. The Register signs it, forwards it back to the operating department and it becomes public record.


Tax Verification Form (Please submit 2 copies)
Contract/Agreement Batch Transmittal Ticket

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