Increases on 2016 Tax Bills

City Taxpayers to see +/- 10% increases

November 10, 2016 | 2 min reading time

This article is 4 years old. It was published on November 10, 2016.

City Taxpayers to see +/- 10% increases on 2016 tax bills

Even though there was no reassessment of property this year, City taxpayers will realize a substantial increase in their property tax bills due to the passage of voter approved property tax increases for the Public Schools and for the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD).

The Public Schools are the beneficiary of a $0.75 increase in property taxes per $100 assessed value. MSD is the beneficiary of a $0.032 increase in property taxes per $100 assessed value. Additionally there were some smaller adjustments by the Zoological and Museum District, St Louis Community College and the City of St. Louis that results in a total increase of $0.792 tax rate per $100 assessed value for all City property owners.

The 2015 residential tax rate was $7.5898 per $100 assessed value; the 2016 tax rate is $8.3818 per $100 assessed value. Put into perspective, on a $100,000 house, the taxes will increase by approximately $150.48 over what was paid last year. This amounts to a 10.44% increase over last year.

Commercial property is at a higher tax rate than residential property; $10.0218 per $100 assessed value in 2016 vs. $9.2298 per $100 assessed value in 2015. For a $100,000 commercial property, the increase in taxes will be approximately $253.44 more than last year which represents an 8.58% increase.

It is possible that the increase in taxes could also cause some people to pay nearly the same or slightly more in taxes on their vehicles than they did last year, even though personal property generally depreciates in value each year.

2016 is not a reassessment year and the City of St. Louis Assessor's office did not reassess property this year. The 2016 tax increases are due to the voter approved tax rate increases.

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