Board of Equalization

Board of Equalization responsibilities, meetings, agendas.

The Board of Equalization is a four-member panel of citizens, who own property within the City of St. Louis, have been residents of the City for the past 5 years, and are appointed by the Mayor to annual terms. The Assessor is the President of the Board of Equalization. 

The Board of Equalization is governed by State Statutes (Chapter 138 RSMo)

Role of the Board

Equalize Assessments 

Raise or lower valuations believed to be set below or above true value 

Hear Appeals

Hear from the parties and adjust or correct if appropriate 

Determine Appeals and Keep Record

Determine all appeals summarily and the Clerk is to keep a record of the proceeding 

Add Omitted Property

Add and assess any property omitted from the tax rolls 

Provide Notice

Notice to the taxpayer on omitted property or increase in value of property 

 Meeting Materials

2016 Board of Equalization Information
Board of Equalization Hearings Scheduled and Results for 2016

August 2015 Hearing Schedule for Board of Equalization
Scheduled Dockets for Hearings before the City of St. Louis Board of Equalization in the Month of August 2015

Continuation of July 2015 Board of Equalization Hearing Schedule
Scheduled Dockets for Hearings before the Board of Equalization in the Month of July 2015 (Continued)

July 2015 Board of Equalization Hearing Schedule
Scheduled Dockets for Hearings before the City of St Louis Board of Equalization in the month of July 2015


Sharon Coleman 
Term ending 5/1/2016 

James Dauphin 
Term ending 5/1/2016 

Virginia Guyse 
Term ending 5/1/2016 

Norman Sutterer 
Term ending 5/1/2016 

Freddie L. Dunlap
Assessor President of the Board of Equalization


The Board of Equalization hears appeals from any taxpayer who disagrees with the valuation of property made by the assessor. There is no presumption that the assessor's value is correct. 

The Board of Equalization meets in an informal setting. You must have an appointment to appear before the Board; appointments are coordinated by the Assessor's office. 

Times, dates and location of Board of Equalization hearings are posted in accordance with the Sunshine Law. 

Appeals are due to the Board of Equalization by the second Monday in July

The Board of Equalization convenes the first Monday in July and meets until the 4th Saturday in August

In reassessment years, the Board can convene on July 1st

Board hearings are held between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Forms for appeal to the Board of Equalization must be requested in person, by phone (314-622-4185), or in writing to: 

Board of Equalization – City Hall 
1200 Market Street, Room 120 
St. Louis, MO 63103 

Presenting Evidence or an Opinion of Value 

  • The taxpayer may appear and present an opinion of value 
  • An attorney or agent may appear for the taxpayer 
    • The agent may not present an opinion of value unless they are licensed or certified as an appraiser 
    • An attorney may share with the Board their client's opinion of value, but the attorney who is not a licensed appraiser, may not develop his/her own opinion of value. 
  • Exception to the appraiser license requirement: 
    • Owner of the property 
    • Real Estate Broker with a comparative market analysis or broker price opinion 
    • Government employee as part of their work duties 
    • Employee, or an agent of a federal or state regulated lending agency 
  • The assessor or staff is to be present at all Board hearings and has the right to present evidence 
  • The Board of Equalization may subpoena witnesses and order the production of documents

What to Expect 

When coming to City Hall, please allow time to find parking and for security check-in on entering the building. The President of the Board will introduce each appeal. 

The President will ask the taxpayer if they have any documentation or evidence. You must present six (6) copies of any documentation you would like the Board to consider. Common evidence includes copies of sale contracts, information on comparable properties, income and expense statements, and descriptive photographs. 

The taxpayer will present their evidence or argument. Board members will likely have some questions for the taxpayer. 

The assessor's office staff will present the assessor's evidence. 

The Board will consider all of the evidence and make a determination on each appeal. Most appeals are decided at the hearing, however before making a final determination the Board may request more information from the taxpayer or the assessor's office which can delay the Board's determination. 

The length of time for appeals will vary. Most appeals are completed in 15 minutes or less. 

The taxpayer is mailed a written notification of the Board's decision. This is usually mailed the next business day following the hearing. 

Any taxpayer who is not satisfied with the decision of the Board of Equalization can appeal to the State Tax Commission of Missouri within 30 days of the Board's decision. You must appeal to the Board of Equalization first before appealing to the State Tax Commission. 

Name: Board of Equalization
Phone: 3146224185
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Fax: 3146223619
Contact Email:
Address 1: 1200 Market St
Address 2: Room 120
Contact City: St Louis
Contact State: Missouri
Contact Zip: 63103
Hours of operation: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

July 1 through Last Saturday in August
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