Resolutions | Session 2020-2021

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Resolution Alderman
Resolution 200
Jesse Todd
Resolution 100
Number not used this session
Resolution 99
Number not used this session
Resolution 73
Number not used this session
Resolution 72
Number not used this session
Resolution 70
Honoring Mary Katherine Wheeler
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 69
Honoring Pastor Alfred Gainey, Jr
Pam Boyd
Resolution 68
Honoring Chris Barton
Christine Ingrassia
Resolution 67
Enhanced Enterprise Zone
Lisa Middlebrook
Resolution 66
Honoring Victims of Communist Regimes
Carol Howard
Resolution 65
Honoring Gorden Moeckel
Vicky Grass
Resolution 64
Victims of Communism Day
Carol Howard
Resolution 63
Bevo CID
Carol Howard
Resolution 62
Honoring Ms. Vernie Woolfolk
Lisa Middlebrook
Resolution 61
Proposition D.
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 60
Honoring Pauline Jeanette Tottsy Diggs
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 59
Amendment Number 3
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 58
Clean Missouri Coalition
Megan E.Green
Resolution 57
Leave Options for City of St. Louis Employees on Election Day
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 56
Honoring Sparkle Huckleberry
Brandon Bosley
Resolution 55
Honoring Dr. Alice Price
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 54
Honoring Dorothy Jackson-Johnson
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 52
Recycling Request for Proposals (RFP)
Lisa Middlebrook
Resolution 51
Honoring Amber Farrar
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 50
Honoring Sylvester McMiller
Joseph Vollmer
Resolution 49
Honoring Ollie Mae Stewart
Christine Ingrassia
Resolution 48
Honoring Wayman Smith, III
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 47
Honoring Heather Taylor
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 46
Supporting De-Escalation Programming for the City of St. Louis
Joseph Vaccaro
Resolution 45
Honoring Rosemary D. Petruso
Pam Boyd
Resolution 44
Honoring Lou Brock
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 43
Honoring Ms. Ruth Taylor Scott
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 42
Recogniztion that Combating Racism is a Public Health Necessity
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 41
Honoring the 125th Anniversary of the St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 40
Honoring Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 39
Honoring Chadwick Boseman
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 38
Honoring "Sista Strut", Derrick Martin and BJ the DJ
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 37
Honoring Prince Hall Masons and the 150th Anniversary of Tuscan Lodge Number 360 and Brother Ryan M. Branson
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 36
Honoring Ms. Ozellar Hicks
Pam Boyd
Resolution 35
Honoring the Red, Black and Green Flag
Sharon Tyus
Resolution 34
Honoring the Most Reverend Bishop Alphonso Scott
Dwinderlin Evans
Resolution 33
Honoring Ms. Joan Leggett
Joseph Vaccaro
Resolution 32
Honoring Mr. Bill Bradley
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 31
Honoring Mr. William Pearson
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 29
Honoring Dr. Barbara Gwinn
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 27
The Airport Petition
Tom Oldenburg
Resolution 26
Honoring Ronald Moore
Carol Howard
Resolution 25
Honoring Daniel Leon Hodges
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 24
Urging the Mayor and Public Safety Director to Open Discussions with The Dr. Ross McNutt – Community Support Program
Tom Oldenburg
Resolution 23
Honoring Bishop Lawrence Wooten
Sharon Tyus
Resolution 22
The Streets, Traffic and Refuse Committee is hereby delegated the authority to compel the City Treasurer and Staff to Appear Before the Committee
Jack Coatar
Resolution 21
Accountability Action Plan for Police Officers
Sharon Tyus
Resolution 20
Establishing Juneteenth as a City Recognized and Celebrated Holiday
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 19
In Support of H.R. 7120
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 18
Honoring Nicholas Enrico Calcaterra
Joseph Vaccaro
Resolution 17
Honoring Juneteenth
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 16
Senior Fund
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 15
National Gun Violence Awareness Day
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 14
Termination of preliminary application for the includsion of St. Louis International Airport in the FAA Aiport Privatization Pilot Program
Cara Spencer
Resolution 13
Calling Elected Officials and certain employees to forgo one week's pay to offset the City's Pandemic related expenses
Joseph Vaccaro
Resolution 12
Investigating the Qaulifications of the City's Director of Health
Sharon Tyus
Resolution 11
This number not used this session
Resolution 10
Honoring Mr. John Stoverink
Joseph Vaccaro
Resolution 9
Urging the Missouri Legislature to Amend Chapter 115.600
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 8
Absentee Votong During COVID-19
Megan E.Green
Resolution 7
Birthday Recognition of Eddie June Forrest
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 6
Supporting Legilsation to Tax Online Sales Without a Revenue Neutral Clause
Cara Spencer
Resolution 5
The Board of Aldermen authorizes the creation of a special committee for the purpose of addressing the impact of the COVID-19 to the City of St. Louis
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 4
The Board of Aldermen does hereby authorize a continued payment to each Aldermen and the President of the Board of Aldermen of an expense allowance of $350 and the issuance of the equivalent of 200 US postage stamps per month
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 3
The Clerk of the Board of Aldermen be authorized and directed to prepare the index to Journal of the Board for the 2020-2021 Legislative Session
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 1
Number not used this session

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