Board Bills | Session 2021-2022

Legislation introduced by Aldermen in the form of bills.

86 records
Board Bill Alderman Ordinance
BB 86
Airport Aid Agreement with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission
Shane Cohn
BB 85
Fourteenth Ward Liquor Control District
Carol Howard
BB 84
Adult Vaccination Supplemental Program Services Contract Grant Award
Christine Ingrassia
BB 83
Honorary Naming of Captain David Dorn Avenue
Dwinderlin Evans
BB 82
American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
Lewis E Reed
BB 81
Honorary Naming of Michael P. McMillan Way
Jesse Todd
BB 80
Street Closure- Greer Near Kingshighway
Sharon Tyus 71373
BB 79
Street Closure - Cote Brilliante at Union
Sharon Tyus
BB 78
Street Closure - Paulian at Union
Sharon Tyus
BB 77
Street Closure - Theodosia at Union
Sharon Tyus
BB 76
Street Closure - Ashland at Marcus
Sharon Tyus
BB 75
Repealing Ordinance Number 68455
Sharon Tyus 71371
BB 74
Street Closure - Lexington at Kingshighway
Sharon Tyus 71370
BB 73
Issuance of Taxable Industrial Revenue Bonds
Tina (Sweet-T) Pihl 71377
BB 72
Amended and Restated Redevelopment Agreement and Financing Agreement i
Tina (Sweet-T) Pihl 71376
BB 71
City Foundry Saint Louis Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Second Amended RPA 2 Redevelopment Plan
Tina (Sweet-T) Pihl 71375
BB 70
Conditional Street Vacation of First Street
Lisa Middlebrook
BB 69
Number not used this session
BB 68
Vacation of a Portion of 12th St.
Dan Guenther
BB 67
Vacation of a Portion of an Unimporved Street
Lisa Middlebrook
BB 66
Vacation of an Unimproved Alley
Marlene E Davis 71383
BB 65
MSD Vacation of Semple Avenue for a Storm Water Basin
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 64
Vacation of Water Street
Sarah Martin
BB 63
Development Plan for the West Florissant Ave./Desoto Ave./ East Warne Ave. Redevelopment Area
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 62
MSD Vacation of Essex Place for a Storm Water Detention Basin
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 61
Car Door Locks
Tom Oldenburg
BB 60
Redevelopment Plan for the 3813-3853 Garfield Ave. Redevelopment Area
Dwinderlin Evans 71382
BB 59
Traffic Controls 5400 - 5000 Blocks of Thrush Ave.
Pam Boyd
BB 58
Parking Division Budget FY 2022
Sharon Tyus 71353
BB 57
Conditionally Vacate 9th Street from Cole Street to Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Jack Coatar 71381
BB 56
Vacate a Public Alley
Lisa Middlebrook 71380
BB 55
Annual Appropriation Transit Sales Tax Account Two
Lewis E Reed 71361
BB 54
City’s Annual Appropriation of the Transportation Sales Tax
Lewis E Reed 71360
BB 53
City’s Annual Appropriation of the Transit Sales Tax Account One
Lewis E Reed 71359
BB 52
Redevelopment Plan for the 3834 Virginia Ave. Redevelopment Area
Cara Spencer 71379
BB 51
The Geospatial Protection and Enhancement Special Use District (“GPE-SUD”)
Brandon Bosley
BB 50
Amending Section Two of Ordinance 68610
Jesse Todd
BB 49
Number not used this session
BB 48
Amending Ordinance Number 67928
Jack Coatar 71391
BB 47
Amending Ordinance Number 68964
Jack Coatar 71390
BB 46
Number not used this session
BB 45
Lease Agreement with Southwest Airlines
Shane Cohn 71374
BB 44
New Lease Agreement with the City of St. Louis and ACL Transportation Services LLC (n/k/a ACBL Transportation Services LLC)
Lisa Middlebrook 71389
BB 43
Redevelopment Plan for the 1428 Warren St. and 2514 Blair Ave. area.
James Page 71378
BB 42
Redevelopment Plan for Scattered Areas in the College Hill Neighborhood
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 41
Alley Prohibitions various Locations in the Kingsway East, Kingsway West, Penrose, Mark Twain
Sharon Tyus
BB 40
City's Traffic Calming Policy
Sharon Tyus
BB 39
Updating Uniform Plumbing Code
Sarah Martin
BB 38
Maintaining 28 Wards
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 37
Updating Plumbing Codes
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 36
Street and Alley Vacations
Lisa Middlebrook 71369
BB 35
Two-Way Stop at the Intersection of Clarendon Avenue and Maple Avenue
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71358
BB 34
Amendment to Article XVI of the City’s Charter
Tom Oldenburg
BB 33
Residential Parking District
Tom Oldenburg 71357
BB 32
Electric Vehicles for Senior Services Grant
Heather Navarro 71368
BB 31
Regulating St. Louis City's Use of Surveillance Technology
Annie Rice
BB 30
National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (“NEARS”)
Christine Ingrassia 71352
BB 29
Civilian Oversight Board
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 28
Veterans Community Project Planned Unit Development District
Marlene E Davis 71367
BB 27
Protection Program for Witnesses of Violence Grant
Joseph Vaccaro 71351
BB 26
Midnight Basketball
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 25
Redevelopment Plan for 5256 Vernon Ave.
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71364
BB 24
Changing the Zoning of 4738, 4740 and 4800 Delmar
Jesse Todd 71356
BB 23
United States Relief Fund
Joseph Vaccaro 71347
BB 22
Temporary Halt of Evictions
Christine Ingrassia
BB 21
St. Louis Produce Market, Inc.
James Page 71388
BB 20
Policy for Disclosing and Reporting Conflicts of Interests
Lewis E Reed 71366
BB 19
Detention Facility Oversight Board (DFOB)
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 18
Grossman Iron and Steel Company Lease
Lisa Middlebrook 71387
BB 17
Terminal Rail Road Association of St. Louis (“TRRA”) Lease
Lisa Middlebrook 71386
BB 16
Kiesel Company Lease
Lisa Middlebrook 71385
BB 15
Centerpoint Terminal Company Lease
Lisa Middlebrook 71392
BB 14
Christine Ingrassia 71355
BB 13
STL CARES (Community Assessment and Referral for Enduring Stability) Program
Christine Ingrassia 71354
BB 12
14th Ward Liquor Control District
Carol Howard 71346
BB 11
Material Sales Company, Inc. Lease
Jack Coatar 71384
BB 10
Street Blockage Virginia Avenue and Bellerive Boulevard
Sarah Martin 71365
BB 9
Airport Debt Service Stabilization Fund to the Airport Revenue Fund
Shane Cohn 71348
BB 8
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the 3810 Watson Rd
Joseph Vaccaro 71363
BB 7
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the 1558 South Vandeventer Ave.
Marlene E Davis 71362
BB 6
City Employee Parking
Carol Howard
BB 5
O’Fallon - Penrose Special Business District
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 4
Innovation Prosecution Program
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71350
BB 3
STL Can Do Program
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71349
BB 2
American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, Pub. L. No. 117-2, § 9901 (March 11, 2021
Lewis E Reed 71393
BB 1
City Annual Budget FY2022
Lewis E Reed 71345

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