Service Request Data

Dataset of requests submitted to the Citizens' Service Bureau

About This Dataset

  • Data Provided by: Citizens' Service Bureau
  • Topic: Local Government Services Local Government Records Complaints and Service Requests

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  • Service Requests 60.96MB file, last modified 6/9/19. Zip file that includes Citizens' Service Bureau service requests in CSV format. Updated weekly.
  • Codes 51.41MB file, last modified 2/7/18. Contains various Microsoft Access databases of codes, descriptions, and child tables used in the various tables

Field Definitions

Name Label Type Description Controlled Vocabulary
CALLERTYPE Caller Type String Method used by customer to report this issue (Phone, Web, Twitter, CSB LTR, CSB VCML, etc)
DATECANCELLED Date Cancelled DateTime Date Cancelled - indicates the request was a duplicate, cancelled by the caller, or entered in error.
DATEINVTDONE Date Investigation Was Done DateTime Date Investigation Done - the date the inspection was done, may differ from the date a clerk closed the request in the system if inspectors are working from paper copies of the request.
DATETIMECLOSED Date/Time Closed DateTime Date/Time the request was closed (auto stamped based on when employee closed the request)
DATETIMEINIT Date/Time Initiated DateTime Date/Time the request was initiated (auto stamped based on when saved or submitted online)
DESCRIPTION Description String Same as the PROBLEMCODE or contains a more specific explanation of problem code
EXPLANATION Explanation String Additional details about the problem code description including conditions under which that problem code should be used or further clarification.
NEIGHBORHOOD Neighborhood Number Integer City of St. Louis Neighborhood Number (1-79) Neighborhood
PLAIN_ENGLISH_NAME_FOR_PROBLEMCODE Problem Code String The public title for the problem code.
PRJCOMPLETEDATE Projected Completion Date DateTime Projected Completion Date - the date by which the city division found in SUBMITTO should have their initial inspection completed, auto-populated based on service level agreements
PROBADDRESS Problem Address String The address or intersection where the problem is occurring
PROBADDTYPE Problem Address Type String A = Parcel, B = Intersection
PROBCITY Problem City String The city where the problem is occurring (often blank, always City of St. Louis though)
PROBLEMCODE Problem Code String Type of report
PROBZIP Problem Zip Code Integer The zip code where the problem is occurring (often blank, not required)
REQUESTID Request ID Integer System generated unique record number
SRX X Coordinate Decimal Service Request X-Coordinate (map coordinate). Uses the EPSG:102696 projected coordinate system (NAD83 MO EAST FIPS).
SRY Y Coordinate Decimal Service Request Y-Coordinate (map coordinate). Uses the EPSG:102696 projected coordinate system (NAD83 MO EAST FIPS).
STATUS Status String Status of the request
SUBMITTO Submitted To String City division or department which is responsible for handling this request
WARD Ward Number Integer City of St. Louis Wards Number (1-28) Wards

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