Transit and Railroads

Public transit operations through the Cabanne area began with the West End Narrow Gauge Railroad, a steam line operated in 1878 from St. Louis to Florissant. It was - electrified in the early 1890's and was then operated by the St. Louis and Suburban Railway, which was absorbed into the Citywide transit system in 1907. Its right-of-way came to be called the Suburban tracks and finally the Hodiamont streetcar line. This was the last streetcar line remaining at the time of its abandonment in 1966. The Suburban Railway also built and operated the Union Avenue and the Kirkwood-Ferguson car lines, both of which ran through the Cabanne area.

Car lines operating on Delmar, Page, and Hamilton were originally divisions of the old Lindell Railway, with some portions of the lines dating back to the 1890's. After the Lindell Company was merged into the Citywide system in 1899, these lines were considerably extended for the World's Fair in 1904. The present City Limits line, then called the Hamilton line, was operated from Wellston to the fairgrounds. The car line on Easton Avenue was extended and electrified about 1893 by the old Citizen's Railway Company, later becoming the Wellston car line of the United Railways after consolidation. The only railroad in the area is the Norfolk and Western, formerly Wabash Railway which runs through the western section. It was originally constructed in the 1870's from St. Louis to St. Charles and the west. Its Delmar Station was a convenience for West End travelers for many years.

Image - Delmar station of the Wabash Railroad