The oldest public school in the Cabanne area is the James Dozier School at 5749 Maple Avenue. It was named for a prominent mid-19th century steamboat owner and was constructed in 1887, with additions in 1894, 1897, and 1899. Dozier school was closed in 1976. The next public school to be built in the area was the Ralph Waldo Emerson building completed in 1901 at 5415 Page Boulevard. It was designed by William B. Ittner and is named after the well-known American poet and essayist. After depending on rather makeshift school facilities in some parts of the Cabanne area during its formative years, 1907 saw the completion of modern school buildings benefitting the new residential neighborhoods. These were the William Clark School at 1020 Union Boulevard and the Edward Hempstead School at 5872 Minerva Avenue. These schools commemorate the famous explorer of the Lewis and Clark expedition and an early benefactor of the public schools system. By that time, the area was sufficiently urbanized so as to require its own secondary school. To fulfill this need, the F. Louis Soldan High School was completed at 918 Union Boulevard in September, 1909. It was erected at a cost of $774,715 and was named in honor of the well-known St. Louis educator. These three buildings were designed by William B. Ittner, who was the architect of most St. Louis schools erected from 1897 to 1916. Situated at 5351 Enright Avenue is an educational structure which has housed several institutions of varying scholastic levels. It was built in 1905, to house the Smith Academy and the Manual Training School private schools for boys, sponsored by Washington University. Unlike its female counterpart, Mary Institute, Smith Academy did not survive and was closed in 1917 after a career dating back to the 1850's. In 1918, the building was purchased by the Board of Education and was re-opened as the Ben Blewett Junior High School, becoming a full four year high school in 1931. This school was discontinued in 1949 when Harris Teachers College moved to the building from its old location at 1517 South Theresa. Harris remained there until 1963 when it moved again, this time to the former Vashon High School at 3026 Laclede. After 1963, the building became the Enright Middle School housing the seventh and eighth grades. In 1975, it became the Enright Ninth Grade Center as a supplement to Soldan High School.

Several new schools have been erected to accommodate the population increase in the Cabanne area. These include the James E. Cook School at 5935 Horton Place, the Joseph and William Mitchell School at 955 Arcade Avenue, and the Henry and Edsel Ford School at 1383 Clara Avenue, all opened in 1964. In addition, there have been numerous branch and portable schools built in the area since the middle 1950's. Besides the Smith Academy, the Cabanne area has been the location of several private schools. The Principia College and Academy, operated by the Christian Scientists formerly occupied a large campus in the vicinity of Page Boulevard and Belt Avenue. It was established as an elementary school in 1898 at 3214 Morgan Street (now Delmar), and began to occupy the Page campus in 1901. It became a high school and junior college in 1910 and a four year liberal arts college in 1932. In 1934, the senior college relocated on its present campus in Elsah, Illinois, and in 1961 the other sections of the school moved to 13201 Clayton Road in St. Louis County. The Page campus, now largely vacant, is used by the Page Park branch Y.M.C.A. with a gymnasium and athletic field.

The Academy of the Visitation was incorporated in 1858 by Visitation Nuns who arrived in St. Louis from Kaskaskia following the flood of 1844. Its three story brick building was erected on a large wooded lot donated by Mrs. Anne Biddle on Cass Avenue near Twentieth Street. In a westward move in 1892, the Academy occupied a large French Renaissance style building on a tract at the southeast corner of Cabanne and Belt Avenues. This structure was designed by Barnett, Haynes, and Barnett and was occupied by the Academy until 1962 when it made another westward move to 3020 North Ballas Road in St. Louis County. The old property was sold to the City; the main building was razed and its site became the present Visitation Park.

St. Philomena's Technical School, which was operated until 1970 in the large brick building at the southwest corner of Union and Cabanne, located there in 1910. It was founded as a training school for girls in 1845 by the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and moved to the Union Boulevard site from Clark and Ewing Avenues. The Union property is now used as a nursing home and Stella Maris day-care center.

Image - The F. Louis Soldan High School
Image - Entrance to William Clark School
Image - Academy of the Visitation at Cabanne and Belt Avenues, 1892 to 1962