Principally residential in character, the Cabanne area's sections of larger houses are to be found in the 5300 to 5600 blocks of Bartmer and Chamberlain Avenues and in Windermere and Cabanne Places. Broad areas of single family dwellings are located south of Page Boulevard, particularly on streets such as Enright, Clemens, Cates, and Cabanne east and west of Goodfellow. Some apartment buildings are sprinkled throughout this area with larger concentrations of them along Etzel and Plymouth Avenues from 5600 to 5900. Apartment complexes include Alpha Gardens in the 1100-1200 blocks of Hodiamont Avenue and West Side Community Gardens apartments in the area bounded by Cabanne, Belt, Maple, and Clara Avenues. Two and four family flats predominate in the district north of Page Boulevard and west of Union, especially near the Wellston commercial area. They are also prevalent in the district eastward to Kingshighway.

Image - Union Boulevard entrance to Windemere Place
Image - Apartment buildings under construction at Cates and Hamilton
Image - View eastward on Chamberlain Avenue from Goodfellow about 1925