The 1947 Comprehensive Plan

The 1947 Comprehensive Plan -- The last formally adopted general plan for the City of St. Louis -- was prepared more than fifty years ago. In the early 1970's efforts were made to prepare a new master plan. Because of substantial controversy, an interim plan was adopted in 1975, with the idea that the new Community Development Agency would soon prepare a definitive comprehensive plan. Priorities changed however, and while there have been lots of redevelopment plans, functional plans and neighborhood plans during the intervening years, a new overall comprehensive plan remains to be prepared.

The 1947 plan reflects the popularity of certain post-war concepts, including urban renewal, highways and helicopters. It is a fascinating document that envisions a different kind of St. Louis.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Metropolitan Community
  3. Population
  4. Land Use Zoning
  5. Housing
  6. Street and Traffic Ways
  7. Public Recreation Facilities
  8. Mass Transportation
  9. Air Transportation
  10. The Central Business District
  11. Carrying Out the Comprehensive Plan
  12. City Plan Accomplishments 1916-1947
  13. Appendix
  14. List of Plates  (Maps and Drawings)

List of Plates (Maps and Drawings)